Commercial Store Fronts

Your storefront is a valuable asset to your business.

Storefronts have always been a susceptible target for all sorts of problems Break-and-enters and vandalism are on the rise in many cities and fortunately, Peka Rollshutters can provide you with a way to deal with many of the issues these come along with having windows and doors on your storefront.

Our commercial-grade insulated aluminum curtains can provide you with an optimal means for locking down your business during off-hours.

  • By limiting access to windows and doors, you can effectively deny would-be thieves from breaking into your business.
  • Blocking windows and doors can help to curb random acts of vandalism such as the throwing of rocks through windows. These acts of vandalism are not just costly; they can severely disrupt the flow of your daily business routine.
  • Roll shutters also provide the benefit of limiting vision into your place of business during off-hours, thereby eliminating would-be thieves from assessing the contents of your business or assessing other security measures that may be in place to supplement your roll shutters.

Why choose roll shutters instead of an alarm system or window bars?

  • First, roll shutters are completely adjustable for visibility – when your business is open, your customers will have a completely unobstructed view inside and out.
  • Second, window bars and alarm systems can do little to prevent window breakage and other forms of vandalism.
  • Third, roll shutters are an immediate form of defense against robbery and vandalism – you do not have to rely on a police response for your roll shutters to stop a thief.

Of course, we have many different COLOR and CONTROL options available for our commercial storefront roll shutters to best insure that the protection you need still provides the aesthetic appeal that you want.


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