Patio Enclosures

Our customers love the open-air feel of their patios and decks.

Unfortunately, weather conditions such as wind or snow can make it hard to enjoy a patio year-round. Even nosy neighbors can prevent you from fully enjoying your patio, especially for those who have hot tubs on their deck. Cheap patio screens are flimsy and cannot keep out prying eyes, the cold weather, or be easily opened to provide an unobstructed view. Our roll shutters provide a great solution to these problems - close in your patio when you want privacy or protection from the weather or keep the shutters wide open when you want to be a part of nature.

Special insulated aluminum curtains
are used to provide optimal protection from the cold or heat, as well as providing protection from heavy wind loads. As with all of our roll shutters, you have the option of leaving the curtain half down, thereby still allowing some light to filter through while still blocking the weather or providing you with privacy.

Why are roll shutters better than simply glassing in a patio?

  • First, roll shutters provide much better privacy than clear or even tinted glass or flimsy patio screens.
  • Second, glassing in a patio can often result in creating a solarium, a space that gets so hot that it is almost impossible to enjoy (especially in the blazing heat of summer).
  • Third, roll shutters can solve all of the above problems while still giving you the option to open the curtains and let the fresh air in. The flexibility of Peka Rollshutters is unparalleled. Best of all, it is often cheaper to install Peka Rollshutters rather than installing glass.

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