Whether you are trying to secure windows, doors, counter openings, storefronts, or back alley entrances, Peka Rollshutters are the solution that you are looking for.

When closed, Peka Rollshutters are locked into place, preventing would-be robbers from gaining access inside. Closed roll shutters also have the benefit of limiting visibility to those outside, thereby preventing people from seeing your possessions, your guard dog, or anything else that should not be seen.

The durable insulated aluminum curtains can also help prevent brute force break-ins. Because a roll shutter is made of many interconnected parts, it is extremely difficult to break in to.

Perhaps most importantly, you do not need to rely on anyone else for your roll shutters to do their job – once they are closed down, they are locked in. If a security problem does arise, you won’t have to wait for a police response like you would with an expensive alarm system – the roll shutter can stop them immediately. This is an extremely important benefit for those people prone to “smash-and-grab” robberies but it is just as important for all other roll shutter customers who value the immediate security provided by the roll shutter.

Finally, unlike alarm systems, roll shutters have a one-time, up-front cost. You will not be spending money every month for monitoring or false alarms. Once roll shutters are installed, they will provide you with piece of mind, without the monthly monitoring charges.




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