Manual Controls
Our manual pull-type control, also known a coiler, can be used for most small and medium sized windows and even single man-doors. It is small in size, fast to operate, and is the most cost effective control option. You also have the option of swiveling the coiler against the wall when not in use, thereby keeping a slimmer profile that can easily be concealed by drapes if necessary. Coilers are available in white or brown.




Our manual crank-type control, also known a winch control, is used for larger windows and patio doors. The internal gear system is the reason that this control can be used to control such large shutters, and again this control type is relatively cost effective. The chrome crank handle is also removable, allowing you to control who uses the roll shutter. This can be very handy when guarding against children or strangers who are unfamiliar or should not be using the roll shutter. Winch controls are available in white or brown.

Winch Control


Spring Loaded

Other manual control types are available for unique applications. Spring loaded shutters, secured with padlocks, are handy when you need a secure means of securing a window or door but do not want an exposed control type. Manual crank controls are inserted into the roll shutter to operate it, but the crank rods can be taken with you so as to not leave the control method with the roll shutter. This can be handy when securing a cabin for the winter or controlling other outdoor applications.

Torsion spring and manual crank rod

Electric Controls

Wall Switch

Motor control – Wall Switch

Electric Roll shutters are both reliable and convenient. Our wide range of motors can be used in almost every sized roll shutter, from small bathroom windows to large commercial storefronts. The electric controls have the added benefit of eliminating the need for a strap and manual control, with a simple switch taking its place.


Key Switch



Motor control – Key Switch

We use premium Elero motors for all of our motorized roll shutters. These motors have shown to be the most reliable and durable in our changing and sometimes harsh climate. These motors can be controlled by several different types of switches. Special versions of toggle and paddle switches are commonly used as they blend in with the other electrical switches in your home or business. In cases where an outdoor security switch is needed, our high security key switch is used.




Color Options

We are able to provide Peka Rollshutters
with a variety of curtain colors and frame colors.

Factory curtain colors include:m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m white, beige, grey, cream, and brown.

Factory housing and frame colors include:m m m m m m m m m m m white, beige, grey, and brown.

Custom colors are available for housing and frames components.

Brown Box with Beige Curtain
Brown Box with White Curtain
White Box with Brown Curtain
For more pictures and color combinations, please visit our Residential and Commercial Galleries.

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