Vacation Property

Vacation properties require roll shutters for many of the same reasons that our residential customers but because of the nature of recreational properties, roll shutters can be an especially important product to consider.

Vacation and recreational properties tend to be vacate for varying periods of time, often months. Unfortunately, thieves know this fact too and have made their presence felt. Many alarm companies do not service out-of-the-way areas and even if they do, police responses to alarm calls can be very slow. Roll shutters allow you to place a physical barrier between your house and a thief. This barrier can also prove effective against petty vandalism which sadly is becoming more prevalent in many recreational areas. Finally, roll shutters can help protect your windows and doors from the weather, be it hail or wind storms.

There is no worse feeling than pulling up to your vacation home and finding the inside looted, vandalized, or damaged from wind or water damage. Protect your investment with Peka Rollshutters and as a bonus, you will be able to enjoy the other benefits of Peka Rollshutters (such as noise, light, and thermal protection) in addition to the various security protections that our roll shutters provide.


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