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Residential roll shutters have gained in popularity in recent years and for good reason. Peka Roll shutters can solve many problems that windows and doors present, ranging from security to thermal protection and everything in between. Best of all, roll shutters provide ALL of the below benefits, regardless of your primary need. This can have surprisingly positive results. Many customers that purchase roll shutters for security tell us how much of a difference the roll shutters make on their energy bill. Similarly, we often hear from shift workers that even though they purchased the roll shutter to cut out unwanted light, they were very happy with the reduction in noise as well. Roll shutters truly are a new solution to old problems.

  • Thermal protection is becoming more important as energy bills continue to rise. Depending on the direction of your windows or doors, you may be experiencing extreme heat in the summer or extreme cold in the winter. Often, air conditioning cannot keep up with the heat of the summer's sun, possibly causing your home to become quite uncomfortable. In the winter, your furnace may not be able to keep up with the loss of warm air through windows and doors. Thankfully, Peka Rollshutters can help you in all seasons, providing you with a means of effectively blocking some of the heat or cold transfer through windows and doors. Our insulated aluminum curtains are the first barrier of defense, followed by the air space between the roll shutter and window. This air space, in conjunction with the window, can dramatically protect your home from thermal transfer, often seriously decreasing or even eliminating your need for air conditioning in the summer and dramatically decreasing your furnace activity during colder seasons. Often, the protection of a roll shutter can effectively TRIPLE the R-value of your window. That is protection that saves you money and allows you to comfortably enjoy your home in all seasons.
  • Wind and Hail protection is a very common application for Peka
    Rollshutters. Glass breakage due to hail can lead to many headaches, from the actual
    glass breakage to the ensuing water damage. In Southern Alberta, we have
    seen winds in excess of 150 km/hr and needless to say, these winds can wreak havoc
    on a window. Customers would complain of their windows "bending" in the
    wind or flying debris actually breaking the glass. With their new Peka
    Rollshutters, our customers can now sleep comfortably knowing that their windows are
    protected. Also, because the roll shutter curtains flex with the wind and because of the weather stripping in our curtain guide rails, wind rattle noise is kept to a minimum.
  • Light is a problem that can present itself in different ways. For shift workers, trying to sleep during the day can be difficult, even with "black-out blinds". These "black-out blinds" also often prove to be ineffective for home theatres or even just to block out your standard streetlights at night. Peka Rollshutters will provide you with the effect that you want, that is, total darkness. Because roll shutters are custom fit around your window or door, we can block light at the edges of your window or door, a space that "black-out blinds" often cannot. We are the favorite choice of many shift workers, emergency personnel, home theatre aficionados, and every person who likes to or needs to sleep in actual darkness. Nothing compares to the darkness provided by a Peka Rollshutter
  • Noise is a problem closely related to light. Living on a busy street often creates problems both with unwanted light from street lamps but also unwanted traffic noise. We commonly hear from people that they never knew how noisy their neighborhood was until their new Peka Rollshutter cut out a lot of the unwanted noise. This noise pollution can prove to be a real hindrance, especially when trying to sleep or otherwise enjoy your home. With the installation of a new Peka Rollshutter, you can live in your home in the peace and quiet that you expect and deserve.
  • Privacy is something that everybody wants. Normal blinds might be able to give you some privacy but only Peka Rollshutters can give you ultimate privacy. With roll shutters in place, nobody will even know that you are home. What better way to deny door-to-door salespersons or the prying eyes of neighbors than to completely block all visibility inside your home?
  • Security is a problem that many products have tried to address. Alarms don't actually provide a barrier though, and security bars can be quite unsightly and they are permanent. Peka Rollshutters can provide a superior security solution. By both blocking visibility inside your home and blocking access to the glass or locking mechanisms of doors or windows, you are helping to prevent both vandalism and break-in attempts. For more on the security aspects of Peka Rollshutters, have a look at our Security page.

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